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Easy Access Financing Corporation (EAF) is a leading-edge payroll and financing technology service provider. We offer a variety of services to individuals and organizations within Canada. We aim to make payroll and financing transactions easy and accurate, while providing easy access to features and comprehensive reports. Our services are integrated with the SureCommand System by CanDev Systems Inc.

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Our Services

Payroll Services

Easy Access Financing Corporation (EAF) provides Canadian businesses with a fast, secure, and accurate payroll processing solution. Save time and build trust with your employees by using the EAF payroll services today. We offer services to any businesses of any size anywhere in Canada.

Automated Payroll Processing

Our automated payroll service can provide your organization with quick and accurate payroll processing. The EAF payroll system can perform complex payroll transactions through a comprehensive selection of features that can process many variables efficiently and accurately.

Integrate with Scheduling

Your payroll transactions can be automatically calculated through the integrated SureCommand Scheduling System and prepared for submission by an automated company account withdrawal and employee payroll deposit process.


EAF provides employees with detailed digital paystubs. Paystubs will display your employees’ payments, deductions, garnishments, premiums, commissions, bonuses, and holiday pay amounts, hours worked and more. Your employees will experience a reduction in confusion and conflicts.

Holiday Pay Calculations

EAF uses the application of complex formulas to make it easy to determine an employee’s holiday pay eligibility and amount entitlement. EAF provides a clear list of employees who are eligible and the amounts they are eligible for. All amounts are automatically integrated into the payroll run schedule and will be available for display to employees within their paystubs.


The SureCommand System can help your organization calculate remittance amounts and transfer amounts to the CRA after paying employees or giving a taxable benefit to a recipient. The deductions include, but are not limited to, the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) amounts (if applicable). These amounts are considered as payroll deductions and contributions.

Statements of Remuneration Documents

EAF provides statements of remuneration documents called T4 statements in Canada. These documents are created automatically for employees and are accessible through the SureCommand employee portal for tax filing preparation purposes.

Record of Employment (ROE)

Records of Employment can be difficult and time-consuming to fil out and submit. EAF offers a quick and easy wizard to effortlessly digitally transferred REO form to the HRDC.

Customer Service

EAF provides live support through our dedicated customer support team. Our support team can provide your organization with personal assistance and training. The EAF team can even walk you through every step of the account setup and help your team with the payroll runs.